4DCP Workshops



June 23-24

Mechanics in physiological systems

Mechanics in Physiological Systems: From Organelle to Organism

(Gwyneth Card (Janelia), Wyatt Korff (Janelia), Margaret Gardel (U. Chicago), Dan Goldman (GA Tech)

July 21-22

Tissue Repair and Regeneration

Tissue Regeneration Repair

Organizers: Kara McKinley (Harvard), Shruti Naik (NYU), Mike Longaker (Stanford) 

Aug. 16-17

Metabolism and Nutrition

Organizers: Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (Janelia), Vamsi Mootha (HHMI/Harvard), Rong Tian (U. Washington)


Sept. 13-14

Theory Workshop

Organizers: Kristin Branson (Janelia), James Fitzgerald (Janelia), Ann Hermundstad (Janelia), Michael Reiser (Janelia), Allyson Sgro (Boston U.)




About the Workshops

Before the 2022 launch of 4D Cellular Physiology, Janelia will hold a series of short workshops that will explore open questions, exciting challenges, and barriers in need of new tools for understanding how cells give rise to tissue-level functions. Organized by Janine Stevens, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Nelson Spruston, Ron Vale, and others from within and outside of Janelia, these virtual meetings will feature short forward-looking talks by senior scientific leaders and early career scientists, as well as panel discussions. They will be open to everyone in the scientific community and will stimulate lively discussion and excite trainees about future directions. Our goal is to help inform Janelia’s future scientific programs and to create a school of thought at this exciting new interface of cell biology and physiology.

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