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"Our vision is not just to start a new research program at Janelia, but to drive progress in this emerging field by convening meetings and sharing tools and findings."
- Ron Vale, Executive Director

Our bodies contain trillions of cells that interact in an intricate network. Collectively, they form our organs and allow our bodies to function and adapt to change. We want to know how it all works by peering inside this hidden world.

Janelia is starting a new 15 - year research area called 4D Cellular Physiology. Our goal will be to understand the function, structure, and modes of communication of cells in organs and tissues with an aim of expanding our understanding of cells and how they collectively give rise to the physiological functions of the body. With our founding mission of connecting biologist and tool builders and our strengths in microscopy, computation, and theory, we believe Janelia is uniquely positioned to overcome current barriers and bridge the classic fields of cell biology and physiology.

Learn more about the program and join us by applying for a fully-funded group leader and senior group leader positions.


Learn, Brainstorm and Participate in Upcoming Workshops

Join us as we learn about open frontiers at the nexus of cell biology, physiology, and anatomy. What are the pressing questions? Are there technical barriers blocking scientific progress? This year, we convened a series of small, two-day virtual planning workshops that were open to the scientific community. Completed workshops are available on the Janelia YouTube Channel.


Deadline for Applications is November 15

We look forward to welcoming many new junior and senior group leaders who will set up labs in 4D Cellular Physiology and other research areas at Janelia. We have begun our Recruitment process, and the deadline for applications is November 15. For more information, please contact Zari Zavala-Ruiz.




Past Workshops